Anonymous sent: Hi! Do you know what the title is for the songs that are on your playlist that are in Chinese and Russian? I really like them alot but I can't find them. It'd be super awesome if you could give me the link on Youtube these songs too! Thanks a bunch!

Uhhh. I’m gonna be honest, I just know them from youtube? So I don’t know the titles. 



Anonymous sent: *scroll scroll scroll* This is never going to end, is it? I love you forever and ever. Thank you SOO much for this wonderful present! Ahh *scroll scroll scroll*

Soooo sorry for the late response. 

We’re thankful for your message and your love! 

Anonymous sent: :& Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. i hope the rochu fandom can get along and all make fanworks together. :) This couple is great

Isn’t it? They’re completely adorable together. I just wish more people would like it. Though I suppose the fandom’s not always on its best behavior, so people end up getting turned off by it…

Anonymous sent: Wow, what happened to this blog? it hasn't been around for a while :?

Ah, I’m sorry.

I’ve been busy with another blog, and so has another mod… And something happened quite a while ago with the other mod, that’s a bit personal.

Sorry, sorry. 

Also, on top of that, Rochu fanart and fanfiction doesn’t come out like it used to, lmao.





Maybe it was just a bite…or a kiss?///v///

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